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A general view of online dating and in particular Irish dating online.


5 things not to include on your online dating profile

online dating site, online dating in Ireland, online dating tipsOnline dating sites provides great opportunities for those looking for a relationship. It's an exciting opportunity to show off your personality before meeting people. The strength of your online dating profile is a key to your success. But we must remember that there are some things to avoid including on your dating profile.

Your dating profile should be unique and should show who you are as a person. But including every little details about yourself may not be a great idea.

When creating your profile, look at it from the readers side - what would you want to see?

We are presenting 5 things to avoid on your online dating profile

1. Lies. It is tempting to lie about yourself on the Internet but that doesn't mean you should. Keep it hones. People want to meet the real you!

2. Cliches. Cliches are terrible for online profiles. Avoid all those common phrases and descriptors - even if it seems flattering, it will make you look unoriginal or fake.

3. Previous relationships. Don't spend time hating or whining about your ex on your dating profile. It's a major turn off for other online daters, and it makes you seem fixated on the past. Be honest, would you like to hear about your date's ex?

4. Bad grammar. Make sure your profile is written in understandable English. Too many shocking errors will be a turn off for potential daters.

5. Blanks. Don't leave blank sections of your profile -- show off your personality! Would you like to contact someone with blank profile?

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