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A general view of online dating and in particular Irish dating online.


Dress well, Be Tall and have a GSOH

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For over 35 Singletons, the most important thing they notice when they meet someone new is that he/she dresses well. 84.5% of over 35s rated this as number one in the latest survey – most favoured a casual, ‘low maintenance’ style of dressing for their potential new ‘other half’!. The second most important consideration is body shape (75%), followed by height (55%).

Under 35s have similar priorities – 76% said it is most important that a new love interest dresses well, second place again went to body shape (64.5%) while height took third position (59%).

509 people took part in the survey, which was carried out by, the online dating site for Irish. 

66% of over 35s and 69.5% of 35s said that it wouldn’t matter if they met someone new who was unemployed. For those for whom it did matter, the main reason given by both age groups is that a relationship has to be equal and the person working has all the power in the relationship.

When asked what 3 physical traits they look for in someone new, the two age groups only differed in their third choice – the over 35s chose Body Shape as the third most important (14%) while the u35s chose Smile (13.5%). Aaah, sweet! Both age groups chose Height as the most important (15.2% of over 35s and 17% of u35s), followed by Eyes (15% of over 35s and 16% of 35s).

Third place was again the only point of difference when asked about the top 3 personality traits they look for on online dating sites– the over 35s are obviously looking for some TLC as Kindness was their number 3 (9.4%) while the u35s plumped for Outgoing/friendly personality (12.5%)! Both chose a Good Sense of Humour as the first trait (a massive 42.6% of over 35s and 43.4% of u35s rated this as most important) with Honesty/Integrity in the number two slot (15.4% of over 35s and 15% of under 35s).

We were quite surprised at how similar both age groups are in terms of what is important to them! Interestingly, ‘Financial Status’ was a consideration for 39.5% of over 35s while under 35s considered this the least important criteria of all. It’s really nice to see the idealism of youth continues! And we were also very heartened to see that being unemployed doesn’t matter a jot to potential partners – so it’s good to know that even if things aren’t going well job-wise, people shouldn’t give up on the chance of meeting someone special.

64% of under 35s and 54.5% of over 35s don’t think it important that a new partner have their own place and for those who do, ‘independence’ is the reason most cited.   |  MWebDev Ltd   |  47 O'Connell Street   |  Limerick   |