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A general view of online dating and in particular Irish dating online.


How To Get a Response?

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You send messages and have no replies? Wonder what’s wrong?

It is important to remember that not everyone will respond. There is not such thing as a guaranteed response. However today we are presenting some tips to increase your chances for reply on online dating site.

Your Message Matters

Most people understand how important first impressions are. It’s hard to make a first impression on online dating site. However first messages, is the way to make a good first impression. That is why I’m always wondering ‘why, oh why’ people send so typical and not interesting messages.

There are three types of e-mails that are not caught recipients’ eye.

1. The Quickie.

The quickie generally consists of less than three words. Examples include: Hey, what’s up? Hi (smiley face/wink) You’re pretty.

Fine, you have sent a message. Take a minute and think: what would you reply to one of those?

2. The Almanac.

No one is interested in full biography for the first time. Choose most interesting facts and send them. If you are not sure of them, ask your friends. Keep it short – one paragraph only!

3. The Copy & Paste.

Some people type out a couple generic paragraphs describing who they are, then copy and paste it into every message they send. Avoid it. Believe me, the other side can figure it out easily.

So what should you write?

First of all, read the profile . This can give you guidance while writing a message. Choose something she/he wrote in the profile and include it in the message. This works because: you’re letting her/him know you are interested in something more than photo and you are talking about something she/he actually likes.

What’s more – ask some questions. It may be small things you found on her/his profile . It gives her/him something to reply to.

Focus on what makes them unique – but stay away from generic compliments such us ‘You’re pretty/beautiful.’ Be creative.

And the last things, read the message again and … check your spelling.

It’s simple if you think about it. It just takes a small amount of effort, and isn’t it worth it for the girl/boy of your dreams?   |  MWebDev Ltd   |  47 O'Connell Street   |  Limerick   |