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A general view of online dating and in particular Irish dating online.


What makes a great profile ?

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It's that time of the year again when Christmas is coming. So it is a perfect time to update your profile on online dating site and look at new ways of attracting people.

So what makes a great profile on a Dating Website?



Chat up lines

Online dating site, online dating in Ireland



It's never easy to chat someone up - what do you say without it sounding corny? How do you react when someone uses a corny chat up line on you?




Christmas Party Sins

Online Dating Site, Irish Online Dating

1 in 3 name Obnoxious drunken behaviour the worst Christmas party sin

1 in 5 confess to sleeping with a co-worker at an office Christmas party

43% admit they have done something at a Christmas party they later regretted.

3 out 4 say a relationship started at a Christmas party can last


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