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A general view of online dating and in particular Irish dating online.


Best Cities in Ireland

The best looking people in Ireland are to be found at opposite ends of the country according to a new survey from

Almost 1 in 3 respondents (29%) named men from Cork as the most attractive while 27%of the people surveyed voted women from Belfast the best looking in the country.

With men like Cillian Murphy, Sean Og O hAilpin and Jonathan Rhys Myers you have to admit that Cork does have its fair share of good looking men and Belfast also does well with women like TV presenter Christine Bleakley and the singer Katie Melua. But these days geography matters less and less. With facebook and twitter you can stay in touch with friends and family no matter where they are…and with online dating you can meet likeminded people from all over the country.

f you are going out on the pull then you are best heading to Limerick as the south west city was selected as the best city in the country for pulling. While Kilkenny was named top city for both hen nights (23%) and stag nights (22%).

Over a quarter of people (26%) selected Dublin as the best city for a first date and also named it as the most fashionable but perhaps unsurprisingly the capital was also voted the most expensive to go out in by 25% of respondents.

Waterford was named as the city that was the best value for money for a night out and Galway was named at the city that was the most fun.


All of Ireland’s cities have something to offer the country's singletons. Whether it is a great night out in Galway, a fantastic stag night in Kilkenny or a brilliant first date in Dublin. The great thing about online dating is that it does not stay online. The end result will always be getting out there, meeting people and having fun.   |  MWebDev Ltd   |  47 O'Connell Street   |  Limerick   |