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Christmas Party Sins

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1 in 3 name Obnoxious drunken behaviour the worst Christmas party sin

1 in 5 confess to sleeping with a co-worker at an office Christmas party

43% admit they have done something at a Christmas party they later regretted.

3 out 4 say a relationship started at a Christmas party can last


Obnoxious drunken behaviour has been named the number one Christmas Party crime according to our latest survey. A third (33%) of respondents told the website getting drunk and rowdy behaviour is unacceptable at the Christmas work do. Nearly one in four (24%) said insulting the boss is the worst offense while 17% named sleeping with a co-worker as a step to far.

43% of people admitted to that they had done something they regretted at a Christmas party.

When asked what Christmas party sins they themselves had committed a third (30%) confessed to snogging a co-worker, 26% admitted to obnoxious drunken behaviour, 20% revealed they had slept with a co-worker, 8% had insulted the boss and 4% had a fight with a co-worker.

I think that the office Christmas party can be a great opportunity to let your hair down and have a good time with your colleagues after a long and hard year at work. However, you need to remember that they are still work colleagues and even if there is somebody in the office you fancy then perhaps the Christmas party is not the best time or place to take action. A far better idea is to let that certain someone know you are interested in them and then perhaps arrange a date for just the two of you; well away from prying eyes and office gossips!


Most respondents( 47% ) viewed the Christmas party as "essential for team morale" but 37% viewed them as "a necessary evil" while an optimistic 16% said they thought of the end of year party as a "chance to score".

However 3 out of 4 (75%) believe that a relationship started at an office Christmas party can last and 65% of people are planning to go to their works do this year.

57% of people told us that the best way to deal with the consequences of bad behaviour the night before is to apologise, 35% say you should laugh about it and 8% believe you should ignore it.

65% of respondents told the website that spouses/partners should not be invited to the Christmas party.   |  MWebDev Ltd   |  47 O'Connell Street   |  Limerick   |