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Dating as a single parent

I've put together the top 10 tips on dating as a single parent here they are:

1) Date other single parents - you may find that it suits you better to date other single parents as both of you have a better understanding of each-others time constraints and commitments

2) Wait a few months - before introducing younger children to a new partner, you don't want them getting attached to someone you're not sure about.


3) Try to be as enthusiastic about hearing about your date's children as you are about talking about your own.

4) Keep your opinions to yourself - Remember your date doesn't need advice about child rearing - keep your opinions on how they bring up their children to yourself.


5) Don't be a child bore - if you are dating someone who doesn't have children try not to bore them too much about your perfect off spring.

6) Make the time to date - if the other parent is not involved with your children then get a reliable babysitter - you don't want to be standing up a date because the sitter didn't show.

7) Avoid socialising in the same places as your children - If your children are older then try to make sure you give each-other a wide berth, you don't want them knowing your every move!

8) Don't drag the past into new relationships - If you have been hurt in the past you may be more cautious about dating people - but give people a chance the majority of them are very nice and worth putting in an effort with.

9) Date for yourself - Remember a relationship is for you, it is not to find a suitable parent for your children or to annoy your previous partner so enter the dating game to benefit yourself only.

10) Go Slowly - If it is the right person they will understand that it will take time to get involved in your family life. Don't let them rush you.   |  MWebDev Ltd   |  47 O'Connell Street   |  Limerick   |