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Halloween Date Ideas

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Halloween, traditionally a holiday for kids to enjoy, is also the perfect date night: it promotes fun and frolic, you can become someone else for a day without consequence, and there are many unusual things to do and share with a loved one that can't be replicated any other day of the year.




Today we present 5 fun Halloween date ideas, that will help you spend unforgettable time with your Perfect Match. 



Halloween Date Ideas, candy shop, online dating in ireland

 1. Meet up in a candy shop

Who doesn't have fond memories of the candies and treats we enjoyed as kids? Get together with your date and make a plan to raid a candy shop, particularly one that sells all of your childhood favourites.

You can talk about what you got excited about to get in your pillowcase at Halloween and then head down to the specialty candy store and get those items. You can compare stories and talk about what your favorite candies were, and build a junk-food dinner around that. 



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  2. Catch a scary movie

Scary movie marathons are already a fun tradition around Halloween, but scary movie marathons with a date can be even better. The thrill of watching a scary movie together on a date can amp up the excitement factor. Also it gives you a good reason to cuddle on the couch. 




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3. Go out and get a pumpkin together

Few things are more romantic than driving out to the countryside to pick up a pumpkin, enjoying the fall leaves together on your drive. So why not make a day of it?

Hit a pumpkin patch together as one date idea, looking for the perfect gourd to carve together. Then, when you get home, either make a contest of it to see who carves the best pumpkin, or make it a tandem event.



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4.Visit a Haunted House

Who said haunted houses are only for kids? Many cities now post the scariest haunted houses in the paper a day or two before Halloween so people can check them out. Plan to hit one (or even a couple) together and you'll have ready-made excuses to cling to each other all night long.




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5. Invite your date to a Halloween party

Halloween is one of those holidays where there are fewer social rules when it comes to inviting your date to parties. If you're wearing costumes, it can also be a great way to let loose and see each other's goofier, more creative sides.


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