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A general view of online dating and in particular Irish dating online.


Did you know...? 10 Interesting facts about dating!

  • Couples usually wait until six to eight dates before they are willing to enter into an exclusive relationship.
  •  The most common time for breakups is around three to five months.
  • Women who post a photo on Internet dating sites receive twice as many email messages as women who don’t.


dating in Ireland, dating online, irish dating, facts about dating  If a man can’t decide what to wear on a date, he might want to wear blue. Studies show that women are attracted to men in blue


  • In the online dating world, women are afraid of meeting a serial killer. Men are afraid of meeting someone “fat.” 
  •  4 out of 10 workplace dating relationships result in marriage.
irish dating, dating in ireland, dating online site Studies show that schools, colleges, coffee shops, and malls are all excellent places to flirt because people are more open to meeting others in these places. Poor locations are restaurants and movie theaters.
  •  Studies show that happiness is contagious and that potential dates find it hard to walk away from happy people. One of the biggest turn-offs during a date is negativity
  • Mirroring, or repeating someone’s body language, often impresses a date because it subtly conveys interest to the other person. One should avoid copying every move, however
  • Top ten turn-offs for women include cystic acne, raggedy nails, flatulence and belching, missing teeth, body odor, bad breath, hairy nostrils, “man boobs,” “goofy” glasses, and hair “mistakes.   |  MWebDev Ltd   |  47 O'Connell Street   |  Limerick   |