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What to wear on your first date....

The first date can be really exciting yet scary for both of you. You are thrilled by the thought of it, but you're also concerned about what to wear. Most people rummage through their wardrobe and go on a shopping spree for a new outfit! After all, someone's first impression can make or break a date! Don't panic - with a little help from we can help you set the tone for a successful date!

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Before you start getting anxious, find out what your date has in mind for the special occasion and dress appropriately for your date. Dress casual if going for a coffee on first date and dress up elegant if going out for dinner in a lovely restaurant. Girls, when wearing make-up, don't overdo it, as less is always more when comes to make-up. Don't go to extremes.


There is no need to be wearing designer labels or going on a mad shopping spree! Do not wear just to impress, wear something that suits you and your personality and which is comfortable as you would not want to be fidgeting every few minutes! Being uncomfortable would be rather embarrassing for you and might make your date feel apprehensive! It is always better to decide on what to wear for your first date a day or two before the date. If you leave it to the last minute, you'll be all stressed out and that's the last thing you want on a first date.


Another thing to think about is wearing something that is appropriate to your age. If you are a 40 years old, don’t wear something from an 18 year’s old wardrobe! A good fit and a colour that brings out your eyes as you will be spending a lot of time staring deeply in each others eyes. It is very important that you wear right footwear too. Boys, if going out for dinner, do not wear runners; wear a nice pair of black or brown shoes. Girls, try to avoid big thick platforms or really high heels, wear a pair of nice shoes with decent slim heels. It is also important to smell good but do not spray the entire bottle on yourself as you don't want to give your date a headache!


Remember it's all about confidence, if you feel comfortable and great then you'll come across really well. The majority of people would much prefer to date someone who is fairly average looking but dresses really well then to date someone who is a stunner but can't get it right in the clothes department.


To wrap up, just try to be yourself. Let your simple, stylish clothing make a statement; let your clothes state that you have a great sense of style and excellent taste. Remember, comfort brings confidence and style brings class!


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