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A photo of OKSunshine, 59 years old from Ireland
Age: 59
I'm a: female
Country Ireland
County -
About me
Almost retired, looking for someone to travel with and indulge in what we've been putting off while working for the last 35 years. Energetic, open to new things, shy at first and then watch out! I'm looking for something serious, but not someone that is always serious. Not conventional in upbringing and have a very positive attitude, I'm not much of a party person and prefer small groups, I try to learn from others. I love to travel and experience new ideas and history, Greece, England, Australia and sailing in both the Caribbean and Mediterranean have been some high points.
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Ideal Partner
Positioned well for retirement or at least scaled back on the working side of life. Interested in travel and wanting an optimistic, go with the flow companion. Funny, considerate and open to new ideas and opinions. Someone who has a solid foundation in who they are and who they're working to be. One with confidence that sees the funny side of things.
I'm looking for: male
Relationship: -
Age: 18 - 54
Appearance: -
Intelligence: -
Humour: -
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