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A photo of davisgraham89, 40 years old from Ireland
Age: 40
I'm a: male
Country Ireland
County -
About me
I'm a very positive, happy, ambitious and chilled person. Have a great career which seems to just happen and fall into place for me. Continuously learning new skills and developing knowledge.I like to think that I am a bubbly, down to earth kind of person and definitely a peoples person, People tell me that they find it easy to talk to me, and find it comfortable to open up to. I consider myself to be a passionate person. I like to think that I am quiet a creative person and take a lot of pride in achieving the best. Life is never a straight road, but I believe that difficult situations in peoples lives can only shape a person to be better.
I would like to be:
Favourite Activities:
Favourite Cuisine:
I like to go out to:
Favourite Music:
Last Music Purchase:
Favourite Song:
Favourite Artists:
Favourite Books:
Favourite Movies:
I drive a:
Favourite Film:
Favourite TV Show:
Favourite Pub:
Favourite Drink:
Favourite Place:
Ideal Partner
I would like her to have a great personality. She should be kind, loyal, honest, loving, sincere, affectionate, caring, possessing the qualities of maturity, integrity.
I'm looking for: female
Relationship: -
Age: 18 - 54
Appearance: -
Intelligence: -
Humour: -
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