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A photo of jamesonkl84, 33 years old from Dublin, Ireland
Age: 33
I'm a: male
Country Ireland
County Dublin
About me
Hey there, My name is James and I will be visiting Dublin for a few days to train some people on a new process. I am coming there from Pennsylvania, USA. I have never visited the area so I am looking for someone to possibly show me around. :-) I work for the tech side of my company and have had a lot of fun working for them. Moved from California to Pennsylvania a few years ago to take this new position. I fly in on June 26th Monday morning and leave June 29th Thursday morning. Monday I will have free all day. Tuesday and Wednesday I teach some classes in the morning but should be done relatively early.
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Ideal Partner
I'm looking for: female
Relationship: -
Age: 18 - 54
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