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A photo of kimz1, 33 years old from Ireland
Age: 33
I'm a: female
Country Ireland
County -
About me
I am here for creating serious and strong relationship. Everyone deserves happiness and I am no exception. I want to bring happiness in the life of my lover man and to give him love, tenderness and my support no matter what! I am a woman with tender soul and my heart is full of warmth and kindness. I am honest, reliable, loving, responsible and intelligent woman. I love nature and, therefore, I try to spend more time in the air in lovely and attractive sites. I like to travel and visit other places. I enjoy cooking, create a home comfort, i love sport, reading books and visit cinema. I want to devote my life to beloved and to my future family, create a hearth and home and maintain it for all our life!
I would like to be:
Favourite Activities:
Favourite Cuisine:
I like to go out to:
Favourite Music:
Last Music Purchase:
Favourite Song:
Favourite Artists:
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Ideal Partner
I want to find the man to create a family. He is kind, honest, reliable, he likes to laugh and enjoy this wonderful life. To tell the truth, I don't have an ideal of a man, i do not believe in ideals. I just definitely know, that you have to be my soul mate, companion and lover man. I appreciate relationship and I know that any relation is a two way street- each of the partners should both give and receive. Together we can live through all troubles, build a strong happy family based on understanding, openness, respect and true love!
I'm looking for: male
Relationship: -
Age: 18 - 54
Appearance: -
Intelligence: -
Humour: -
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