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A photo of marcosmile, 59 years old from Dublin, Ireland
Age: 59
I'm a: male
Country Ireland
County Dublin
About me
I am not perfect and i don't claim to be but i believe that the most important thing in every relationship or marriage is honesty, sincerity, love, care and understanding . I'm friendly to everyone and hard working. That's how my mom would describe me! I like working, but I often prefer to play golf with friends instead. That's not so bad, right? I listen to blues and jazz a lot, and occasionally enjoy them live.Family is important to me. I'm here because someone may be enjoying an extraordinary or accomplished life and also understand what I'm saying. I don't like people who fake. Be you, not who you think I want you to be. Falseness always has an expiration date, the real you shows up and at the end someone always gets hurt. I am a very understanding person and upfront about what bothers me and what I don't like. I am looking for someone who looks at life in a similar way to all what I have said.
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Ideal Partner
I am looking for someone who can communicate well & who can both listen to and share their own experiences with compassion and empathy. I am seeking someone who knows what it takes to build an honest, loving, fulfilling connection, relationship, and potentially a partnership.Looking for some emotional intimacy. Cuddling, pillow talk and all the that can be call been romantic.I prefer someone sweet and easy-going.Hope its not too much to ask.
I'm looking for: female
Relationship: -
Age: 18 - 54
Appearance: -
Intelligence: -
Humour: -
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