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A photo of owofeo, 55 years old from Cork, Ireland
Age: 55
I'm a: female
Country Ireland
County Cork
About me
I am caring, thoughtful, hardworking and very loyal, I will go out of my way to help anyone if I could possibly do so. I believe in romance ,love and living Life to the fullest. I want to find someone who wants to be in a positive, long-lasting relationship based on trust, love and faithfulness
I would like to be:
Favourite Activities:
Favourite Cuisine:
I like to go out to:
Favourite Music:
Last Music Purchase:
Favourite Song:
Favourite Artists:
Favourite Books:
Favourite Movies:
I drive a:
Favourite Film:
Favourite TV Show:
Favourite Pub:
Favourite Drink:
Favourite Place:
Ideal Partner
I am looking for a man who loves to laugh and makes others laugh as well and has a good sense of humor, who is also honest and not afraid to speak his mind,a man who is passionate and affectionate, someone that likes to kiss and hug and all that, a man who is willing to let a woman loves and do what needs to be done for her man. I want a man who can appreciate me for all that I am, treats me with respect and consideration
I'm looking for: male
Relationship: -
Age: 18 - 54
Appearance: -
Intelligence: -
Humour: -
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