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A photo of rubyred934, 49 years old from Dublin, Ireland
Age: 49
I'm a: female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Star sign: Cancer
Country Ireland
County Dublin
Height 5ft 5"
Children: 2
Smoking: Smoker
Drinking: Social Drinker
Education: Some Third Level
Profession Financial Services
About me
I'm 46, live in Dublin and work in the Financial Services Sector. I'm elegant, sophisticated, articulate and truly the prize - or so my daughter keeps telling me. "So why are you single?" I hear you say. To date, it has been by choice. Having crashed and burned in a previous relationship more than 8 years ago I concentrated solely on raising my children and furthering my career without distraction. My children are young adults and I have achieved my professional goals. It's time to have some fun now ..... I want to swoon, feel giddy and have my breath taken away with the anticipation of meeting that somebody special. I want to inhale the scent of expensive aftershave and feel 5 o'clock shadow on my face and neck. I want to feel my heart race and my head to become dizzy, I want strong arms to embrace me and the consume me
I would like to be: Happy being myself
Personality: Romantic , Thoughtful , Sensitive , Practical , Ball buster in the best sense possible, but not a head wrecker.
Favourite Activities: Reading , Shopping , Clubbing , Walking
Favourite Cuisine: Meat and 2 Veg , Chinese , Italian , Mexican ,
I like to go out to: Bookstores , Clubs , Movies , Parks , Restaurants , Theatre ,
Favourite Music: Drum 'n' Bass , Pop , Easy Listening ,
Last Music Purchase: Otis Redding - Dock of the Bay, Marvin Gaye- Grapevine, Jimmy Cliff - I can see clearly easy listening, wanted to relax..
Favourite Song: Sam Smith - La La La
Favourite Artists: Love all 80's music but more up to date artists would include Sam Smith
Favourite Books: Non-Fiction , Romance , Humourous , Fiction , Thriller , Sci Fi , Mystery ,
Favourite Movies: Action , Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Crime , Documentary , Drama , Mystery , Romance , Sci-Fi Thriller
I drive a: Hyundai Santa Fe
Favourite Film: Any movie with Jason Statham in it, Con Air, Face Off, love Si Fi, Action, psychological thrillers
Favourite TV Show: Not big on TV but enjoyed Scandal when it was on, don't follow Soaps, hate BB !!
Favourite Pub: Gibneys Malahide
Favourite Drink: Scotch
Favourite Place: Is home but the place I would definitely visit again is Rome specifically Vatical City no picture or book could do the art there any justice
Ideal Partner
Tall, broad, muscular, strong and have a wicked sense of humor.
I'm looking for: male
Relationship: A Date
Age: 44 - 48
Appearance: Important
Intelligence: Important
Humour: Most Important
Education: Some Third Level
Drinking: Social Drinker
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