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A photo of shoutcapable143, 26 years old from Roscommon, Ireland
Age: 26
I'm a: male
Country Ireland
County Roscommon
About me
Ohh God, i dont know amm. Im probably not very wise joining a dating site when im only separated a few weeks but what the hell. I feel like a complete failure because of it but deep down i know its the right path. Im a father of 4 year old twin boys that are everything to me and right now we are figuring out what life is going to be, im a bit scared and so are they but we are getting our feet under us, taking one day at a time and it will be ok, i know it will. If i was to say who i am , it would be someone who is intelligent, very young at heart, very loyal, has a fun side but its not been out for a run much lately. Im very disorganised , i think that makes me an ' ideas person' they tell me so OCD organising type ladies will get special consideration. Im a regular guy in a lot of ways but i do have a few aspects to me that make me pretty unique. Im caring, can be daring when the wind is blowing in the right direction and when i commit , its real and unquestioned until the reasons to not are undeniabl
I would like to be: A better version of myself
Personality: Adventurous , Clean-cut , Easygoing , Shy , Liberal , Spontaneous , Unconventional , Low maintenance , Thoughtful , Sensitive , Intellectual , Outgoing , Humourous , Practical ,
Favourite Activities: Reading , Surfing the Web , Singing , Hill Walking , Camping , Cooking , Jogging , Crafts ,
Favourite Cuisine: Meat and 2 Veg , Chinese , French , Indian , Italian , Mexican , Thai ,
I like to go out to: Pubs , Comedy Clubs , Concerts , Movies , Museums , Parks , Restaurants , Theatre , Beach , Work! , Swimming Pool ,
Favourite Music: Alternative , Blues , Classical , Dance , Garage , Heavy Metal , Folk , Pop , R & B , Soul , Techno , Country ,
Last Music Purchase: Not that whay i call music 99
Favourite Song: Slip.the clutch, its about tractors , my twins have it on perminent loop at the moment so to stave off insanity , its my fav song as well .
Favourite Artists: My mind is an unfurnished room when it comes to art, i see art in everything .
Favourite Books: Autobiography , Humourous , Poetry , Fiction , Self Help , Biography ,
Favourite Movies: Adventure , Animation , Crime , Documentary , Drama , Film-Noir , Romance , Sci-Fi , Thriller War
I drive a: Mercedes
Favourite Film: Gladiator ( if anyone has a gladiator probably large, ill try it on for you .
Favourite TV Show: Honestly, i dont eatch much tv but grand designs is ok
Favourite Pub: Fitzpatricks lordship
Favourite Drink: Really good coffee
Favourite Place: Carlingford
Ideal Partner
I'm looking for: female
Relationship: -
Age: 18 - 54
Appearance: -
Intelligence: -
Humour: -
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