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A photo of verity, 55 years old from Galway, Ireland
Age: 55
I'm a: female
Country Ireland
County Galway
About me
Intelligent, independent, strong and always up for the craic! I never take life too seriously and frequently laugh out loud at myself. That being said I do take my work and other areas of my life that require 'a bit of sense' seriously. I am never going to be the damsel who requires rescuing. I am 'big' into sport participating and spectating, I am very well grounded and take everyone at face value. I don't tend to trust folk 'till trust has been earned but I guess that's a given. I am a great believer in second chances and am the judge of no one, lest I be judged. I do tend to see the humor in just about everything especially my job, this is an essential requirement for self preservation while working in a health care setting. I earn the bacon, take the bacon home and cook the bacon , quite content with this life style but I would like to have someone in my life who is prepared to share the cooking too!
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Ideal Partner
My ideal partner is the man who does not find himself intimidated by a strong and independent woman. A man who can be spontaneous and never too guarded. If you can laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously then you could indeed be that ideal partner. I am hoping that you are gentle on the eye but regardless, the most attractive feature is a kind heart, someone who shuns cruelty of any kind is 'up' in my estimation. You may be a little rough round the edges but that can be part of life's rich tapestry too. "If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, yet, make allowances for their doubting too.."..(R. Kippling).
I'm looking for: male
Relationship: -
Age: 18 - 54
Appearance: -
Intelligence: -
Humour: -
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